Friday, May 31, 2002

Battle tourch

A Dungeons a dragons style character. Later added to the origin(s) story line as a member of the group: the men of the wall. Carries a torch on his back that gived him and his allies power and protection in battle. If the flame is extinguished by an other than himself, it is rumoured that he will die.


Character working name: Danger Man. Storyline: 'Origin(s)'
a medieval dark knight with supreme super human abilities. Trapped by his 'Realm' under a mountain, he lay waiting for some 6-800 years. Upon his escape he seeks our revenge and Rule.
Affiliated with characters: Power, Jewel, and Fearsome.

Illustration Date: 2002
Medieval Armour

Date: 2010

Top design: Character : Power
Bottom : Character Design : Danger Man

Character design Spread. Date 2002

Date: 2002

Wednesday, May 01, 2002


Fearsome is a medeval dark knight. Formerly aligned with Danger-man, and Power.
Under the armour is a woman, but outside is left giving no hint of this. She is fast and super strong. Very skilled at hand to hand, and weapons combat. Despite her skill she often gives in to rage, and resorts to a berserker style of combat.
Helmet design option 

Helmet design options. Thinner body style.