Tuesday, April 26, 2011


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I'm ramping up. Here is a mok ad start for Gas-Masked. I want to get a URL, and my bosses ok that he doesn't feel this is in any conflict. I would have Printwerx print it all anyways, So I don't expect an issue if I'm doing it from home.

Monday, April 04, 2011

porcelain faced woman - Enjoy Illustration

Enjoy Illustration. Portrait of Porcelain faced woman.
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Original Artwork for sale.

An Actylic/airbrish/Marker image on canvas. Full sized prints are available upon request.
No colour changes have been done to this image as of yet. I will post a digitally edited version later.

Portrait of The Gas Masked Woman

Portrait of the Gas Masked Woman
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Portrait of the Gas Masked Woman.
This image is not the final coloring, as I intend to add something in behind her for scenery. Also I feel her hair, and a few other elements are in need of greater development. Once I have the final coloring I will make this image available as print. On canvas, or fine-art paper.