Sunday, April 25, 2004

School Times Illustrations

Here are a bunch of illustrations done back int he days of College at ACAD. Around 2003-04.

This is an Editorial Illustration on the topic of Privacy and Technology.
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A celebrity based Illustration. Governor A. Schawtzinager as Captian America.
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Another on Privacy and file sharing. This one intended to be a spot illustration.
On Technology / telecommunications and the shrinking world.
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Thursday, April 15, 2004

Student Project for real clients
The 2004 ACAD Graduation Portfolio Show Poster.
Concept: Variety in Flavour and Style, represented by Ice Cream scoops
Each Student was coerced into providing a sample of their work, in the form of n ice cream scoop.
Concept and Design by James (Jim) Gott, and Myself (Mark Hayward).

AfterShow Invitations

After Show Dinner and Drinks Invitation.
for ACAD 2004 Grad Portfolio show.
intended to match Poster Also Designed and illustrated by myself.