Saturday, September 06, 2008


2 paintings (Oil) of my Character: T-72 of 'The Dark Circle' Storyline.
An Ultra-violent character that also serves as comedic relief. oddly enough, I actually created this character before futurama's Bender was around. He started off as an alternate world's German Soldure Robot from a period that would have been just after the end of our world war 2, but where their war had continued. T-72 Defected into the Dark Circle to escape a war it didn't agree with. It is unclear how certain things are possible for him, in the story line, being a robot. So it is assumed that he contains some organic component. Unlike Fururama's Bender, T-72 does kill things and people.

character sketches:

Friday, September 05, 2008

Quill fonts

This font was designed to be written in reverse
Written Sample.

Quill Rose

Quill Rose.

Quill Birds

Birds done with quill. In a style resembling my wife's tattoos. I thin they are Swallows, or Quetzals. 


The start of a logo for my wife.


Flowers of Flat Character Puzzle Piece Series.


LadyBug of Flat Character Puzzle Piece Series


"Uphorium" Design and wood-block print. Uphorium was a guild within the Work of Warcraft MMORPG, to which my wife was a member.


Snow man Wood block, Test Print. 
Wasn't turning out, so this is as far as this one went.