Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Skull Damask

 This is a pattern I am working on.
one way it is a skull, the other way it is an angel.
I think the skull needs to be a little more obscure though.
we'll see what it's like once I finally have it as a vector file.
once I have a design that works really strong, I'll do a wood block cut and print. 
I guess M.C.Escher has inspired me.

Skull Damask Pattern

This Damask attempt is so so. I'll be tweeking this one to get a better skull shape, and to increase the flow of the organic elements.
here it is so far. feel free to comment.
*Update (0919/11): Another artist on the web (NFG) let me know that enjoyed this pattern, and has used it as an element within their own work. To see how it was used, go here.
I thanked them for their honesty in letting me know that they used it, and hope that other would do the same.
Thanks NFG

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Concept for a Car

What if a smart car looked like this? would you want one then?
this is some photoshop fun to show something that I would like to build someday. And make it Electric.
below is the sketchbook sketch that started it all.
now the question is, should I make it a one, or two seater?